Women Excessive Hair Loss - How Do You Prevent Feminine Pattern Baldness (FPB) great ways to lose weight fast Building a personal sauna in a spare room or on your patio at home will give you the health benefits that regular sauna use can provide. Studies have shown that you need to be consistent with your use of a sauna in order to receive the maximum health benefits. In our busy lives, we may not always be able to get to a gym or day spa on a regular basis. A personal sauna will eliminate this problem. It will also be available to you in your own home at one of the most critical times you would need a sauna – when you are sick. Most people don t like to get out of bed when they are sick. They are definitely not going to the gym to use the sauna. But when you are sick, the steam from the sauna and the sweat it produces can shorten the time you are sick. Regular sauna use can also improve your immune system so that you don t get sick in the first place! ways to fast weight loss Dihydrotase Clinically tested 5 Alpha-reductase Inhibitor Read More Here Here are some tips on how to curb anxiety and relax during your pregnancy: rapid weight loss diet The type of exercise you perform is completely up to you. Select the type of exercise you enjoy doing and can see yourself doing long term. It may be taking the dog for a walk, cycling on a stationary bike at home in front of the TV, or performing a kickboxing session with your personal trainer. The most important thing is that you enjoy the exercise. lemon juice diet Spoločnosť Andyho Warhola v Medzilaborciach
Spoločnosť Andyho Warhola v Medzilaborciach

Otváracia doba počas veľkonočných sviatkov

Otváracia doba počas veľkonočných sviatkov.

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Klubová činnosť z 2.4.2014

Zo stretnutia s poéziou a prózou pána Štefana Smoleja.

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Stretnutie v klube so Štefanom Smolejom

Múzeum moderného umenia Andyho Warhola a Spoločnosť Andyho Warhola v Medzilaborciach Vás pozývajú na "Stretnutia v klube" s pánom Štefanom Smolejom.

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Vernisáž Hula Hula Fantasy Paintings

Vernisáž výstavy  HULA HULA FANTASY PAINTINGS pod názvom MICE´RE IN THE HOUSE /Myši sú v dome/, 12. marca 2014.

Mladá slovenská umelkyňa Mária “Hula“ Valenčíková  prezentuje svoju tvorbu v priestoroch  Múzea moderného umenia Andyho Warhola.

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Tvorivá dielňa "Chlapec bez mena"

Tvorivá dieľňa "Chlapec bez mena" bola založená na dielach Fera Liptáka a tématicky súvisela s jeho knižnými ilustráciami. Účastníkmi boli žiaci ZUŠ - odbor výtvarný z Medzilaboriec s pani učiteľkou Mgr. A. Sivákovou. Realizácia dielne: 24. február 2014. Lektori: Mgr. C. Cilipová, M. Sirik.

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Klubová činnosť z 19. februára 2014

Klubová činnosť z 19. februára 2014.

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